Emove 303 Automatic Engage Caravan Motor Mover Single Axle



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EMOVE 303 Auto Engage


The EM303A is a compact and powerful fully automatic caravan manoeuvring system

It features a high quality gearbox and robust aluminium rollers for excellent grip in all conditions. Roller engagement if fully automatic at a push of a button.

The simple-to-use remote handset allows smooth start and stop and change of direction without having to stop.


Emove caravan movers are quality checked and are TÜV approved.

The EM303A: Fully automatic manoeuvring system: easily engage and disengage the drive rollers to and from the tires by remote control.

Includes soft start/stop technology for accurate smooth manoeuvring.Solid aluminium drive rollers, excellent grip and easy to clean Splashproof and corrosion resistant.Error messages are shown by LEDs on the control box and remote control. Very user-friendly remote control with soft grip and buttons that are easy to operate.

5 year parts and labour warranty.


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