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The Maxview satellite dish offers the greater part of the advantages of a programmed dish without the weighty sticker price. These advantages include:

  • Rooftop mounted for security
  • End up from inside your van
  • Everywhere wide inclusion
  • No compelling reason to complete and adjust a manual dish each time
  • No capacity required
  • Low profile on your rooftop
  • Snappy arrangement.

Maxview Satellite Advantages:

The Maxview satellite Crank Up is one of the most reduced profile frameworks accessible on the planet today. Gauging only 170 mm off the rooftop, your Maxview Crank Up satellite will set down lower than your forced air system and won’t act as a burden when backing under your carport or carport

Utilizing THE SYSTEM:

Much the same as adjusting any standard satellite framework, there are a couple of things you have to know before you begin, bearing to the satellite and elevation up to the moon. The Maxview satellite Crank Up comes total with a graph that demonstrates this course regardless of where you are in Australia.

An essential compass will demonstrate to you the course to the north, and our outlines will disclose to you the heading to the satellite concerning north. On the off chance that in Brisbane, wrap up the wrench handle until the scale on the twisting gathering peruses 58 degrees. The twisting meeting has a pointer appearing current bearing of the dish. Presently turn the bezel until the plate is pointing in the right heading. All going great you’ll have pictures on the TV. If not, change the rising edge somewhat and rehash.


The Maxview comes total with twin yield LNB. Am I not catching this’ meaning? The LNB is the speaker on the finish of the dish arm that gets the reflected flag. All through the world, there are a couple of various LNB types. The important thing to know here is that the LNB that comes pre-fitted to the Maxview Crank Up dish has two yields and is perfect with ALL pay-TV satellite boxes (decoders) including Foxtel IQ and the allowed to air administration known as VAST.


The Maxview Crank up is a manual framework. That is: Wind it up – turn the dish – locate the flag. The LNB position inside its holder is known as the skew position. Included with the Maxview Crank Up is a diagram which indicates height, bearing and LNB skew.

There are 5 LNB skew zones inside the UK. Contingent upon which zone you’re in, you may need to turn the LNB to the correct position. Luckily, the zones are far reaching as you can envision. For example, zone 1 goes the whole distance from Tasmania to Hervey Bay: more than 2000 kilometers. It’s dependably a smart thought, however, to introduce your Maxview Crank Up dish close to the backside of the van or to the side of the truck so you can get to the LNB if need be.


Produced in the UK, the Maxview Crank Up is quality the whole distance. Solid composite dish section, with aluminum dish reflector, formed UV balanced out plastics and best of all – strong steel gearbox and segments. Dissimilar to numerous customer items nowadays, Maxview keep up the most abnormal amount of artistry and materials while creating the Maxview Crank Up framework. Guarantee of a long time. The image beneath demonstrates the inside gearbox and segments.

Connect with us:

So in the event, you need a Maxview satellite administration by our masters, don’t hold on to connect with us. You can get every one of the information on our site. You can connect with us through email and the given phone number at whatever point.

Additional information


Supply and Fit, Supply Only









The VuQube 2 is a fully enclosed automatic satellite system designed to receive satellite TV and radio in the UK and Europe at the press of a button, using a wired control box.



Twin LNB as Standard. For use with PVR’s, SKY+™ or 2 receivers in different locations




Includes Velcro to mount control box conveniently inside a cupboard

Designed and tested for outdoor use

High quality, durable and robust construction

2 year guarantee

Application: Portable use in any outdoor environment and roof mount on motorhomes, caravans and RV’s



Compatibility: Transmissions from satellites worldwide (EK/European satellites as standard)Compatible with all SD/HD free-to-air satellite receivers including most SKY™ receivers

Pre Programmed Satellites: Astra 1, Astra 2, Astra 3, Hotbird




Operation: Automatic

Mount Type: Portable or roof mount

Coaxial Cable Length: 10m

Head Unit Power Input: 12V passive.

LNB and antenna unit powered
through coaxial cable from control box.

Control Box Power Input: 12V cigarette adaptor

Standby Power Consumption: 0.65A

Search Power Consumption: Up to 0.85A

Installation: DIY or professional

Elevation Range: 18° to 43°

Weight: 4.1kg



VuQube 2 Dish Unit
VuQube 2 Control Panel
10m ‘F’ to ‘F’ Cable
0.9m ‘F’ to ‘F’ Cable
Velcro Control Box Mounting Pads
Cigarette Adaptor 12V Power Supply
Cable Entry Cover


Once you have purchased your Maxview satellite dome you will receive a courtesy call within 24 hrs from our installation team who will be happy to offer an installation date to travel to a dwelling of your choice and this will be within 7 to 14 days.

The evening before the installation you will receive a courtesy call to arrange time from the installation engineer.

The day of your installation you will be greeted by the engineer who will advise you where the Maxview dome will be positioned and the desired internal cables.

A full demonstration will be shown and warranty paperwork completed once the installation is complete.