Emergency Jumpstart & Inverter Compressor


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12v 900A Portable Power Pack with Emergency Jumpstart, Inverter & Air Compressor


Emergency Jumpstart & Inverter Compressor in red and black with lights and gauges



Portable Power Station
This is a high quality Emergency Jumpstart & Inverter Air Compressor, 1 x Inverter Socket, LED Work Lights, 2x12V & 1 xUSB Sockets

This Compressor is a heavy duty jump start booster starter which is an essential product for all vehicles to have all year round in case of an emergency. Never get caught out with a flat battery with this product, without this jump start you could end up with a HUGE bill on your hands after having to call out the AA etc.

Power station with Emergency Jumpstart & Inverter Compressor is suitable for petrol vehicles up to 2500cc & diesel vehicles up to 2000cc.

900 Amps (Peak)

400 Amps (Continuous)


  • 1 x Inverter 3 Pin Socket.
  • 1 x 1 Amp USB + 2 x 12V DC power socket.
  • 4 x Multiple-LED Work Lights.
  • Built-in Air Compressor.
  • LED Warning Lights for Reverse Polarity & Battery Charge Level.
  • Heavy Duty Booster Cables.
  • Heavy Duty Impact Resistant Rubberised Housing.
  • Portable & Compact
  • Emergency Breakdown item – All vehicles should have this item in case of an emergency
  • Brand new & in attractive packaging

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