Anti Theft Faraday Box



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Anti Theft Faraday Box


the black faraday box open with car keys in


The Stylish Anti theft Faraday box is a must for any motorist that wants to stop the intelligent modern day car thief


Signal Blocker and Anti Theft

This anti theft Faraday box has the same function as the signal blocker bag, which can effectively block signals and prevent vehicle theft. It has stronger shielding function and can 100% to block all signals.

Large Capacity

This large signal-blocking box fits all car keys, as well as cell phones, credit cards and so on. It has been tested to hold 4-5 car keys, including key rings and house keys.

Strong RF Shielding Function

Our RFID signal blocking case prevention box is lined with a shielding cloth that stops any signal leaving the box. You just placing key in to the closed Faraday box will prevent your car key signal from being accessible by thieves. Protecting your car at all times.

Practical and Protective

The Faraday box not only allows you to store your keys, but also protects you from electromagnetic radiation, especially for pregnant women, heart patients and more, giving you peace of mind that your entire family is protected.

Well-made and Durable

The outer layer of this signal blocker box is made of high-quality leather, which is wearable and non-slippery. The inner layer is made of luxurious Russian solid wood and military-grade fabrics, the lining is made of high-quality double insulation cloth. The elastic foam on the top of the box can effectively prevent the box from deformation.

Type: Signal Blocker Box
Quantity: 1 PC
Material: PU Leather
Color: Black
Pattern: Double Locks, Single Lock
Size: Size: 16.0*12.7*9.4cm/6.3*5.0*3.7”
Net Weight: 352.0g/12.42oz (Single locks)

the sylish black faraday box in the closed position

Package :
1 * Signal Blocker Box


Once your order for the Anti Theft  Faraday Box has been placed we will endeavour to ship the product out immediately. In certain circumstances i.e low stock, stock take , time of order like weekends etc this may impact on taking a few days more but in normal circumstances Auto Additions Nationwide will ship your product out the same day.

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