e-go Titanium Caravan Motor Mover



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e-go Titanium Caravan Motor Mover


e-go Titanium Caravan Motor Mover

The new e-go TITANIUM is a top of the range remote control caravan motor mover combining expert engineering with intelligent electrical technology to create one of the best movers on the market today.

The e-go TITANIUM was designed in Purple Line’s UK Innovation centre. It has been designed with only one thing in mind; saving weight. Our design engineers have taken every opportunity to reduce weight, including hollow cast alloy rollers, a tailor-made crossbar and a lightweight alloy body meaning the e-go TITANIUMweighs in at only 23kg per two motors.

The e-go TITANIUM has been rigorously tested to ensure that these weight savings do not compromise the build quality, strength, longevity or ease of use of the mover.

Even with all these weight savings the e-go TITANIUM still includes dual wheel engagement, meaning that this manual engagement motor mover can be fully engaged from either side of the caravan or trailer.

All of this leads to a weight saving of 9.5kg on our previous model, and over 10kg on movers from other leading brands; that is up to 10% of your personal payload. This allows you to carry more of the things you really need for your holiday.

The e-go TITANIUM uses Quattro® technology. This intelligentmodular system, featuring soft-start, allows any model in the e-go range to be used on single, twin and AWD installations.

The system even allows retro-fit upgrades meaning that a twin system can be upgraded to All Wheel Drive at any time. This clever technology gives you ultimate flexibility, future proofing your purchase.

e-go TITANIUM … See the light

Product EGO400
Operating Voltage 12V DC
Avg Current Consumption 25 Amps
Max Current Consumption 76 Amps
Weight (2 Motor) 23kg
Speed 12cm per second
Safe Working Load (SWL) 2250kg (2 Motor)

3500kg (4 Motor)

Min Width (Caravan/Trailer) 1800mm
Max Width (Caravan/Trailer) 2500mm
Power Source (Leisure Battery) 12V (Min 85Ah – rec 110Ah)
Engagement Method Single Lever
Dual Wheel Engagement Yes


Q. Will the e-go TITANIUM fit my caravan?

A. The e-go TITANIUM is suitable for L and U profiled chassis with a chassis thickness between min 2.8mm and max 3.5mm. The standard installation kit only provides parts for installing the mover within the measurement shown in the Installation Parameters Diagram. The ground clearance from the bottom of the chassis must be a minimum of 165mm. The e-go TITANIUM will reduce any ground clearance by 50mm once fitted.


Q. Are there adaptor kits available for non standard chassis?

A. Yes. For BPW flat frame, Vario III one-piece, Vario III two-piece. Also avaliale for shallow type chassis are spacer kits. Please verify the height of your chassis in order to determine type of adaptor or spacer necessary. Please contact us for further information.


Q. Will the e-go TITANIUM fit my caravan? 

A. Unfortunately we do not keep a definitive list of caravans that the e-go TITANIUM fits too, please refer to figure 18 in the user manuals to see the dimensions required and consult with the manufacture or garage.


Q. Can the e-go TITANIUM be fitted to my twin axle caravan?

A. The e-go TITANIUM caravan mover is suitable for both single and twin axle caravans when using the appropriate quattro branded electronics.



Once your order has been placed we will contact you within 24hrs to confirm your order and a quick consultation. You will then be offered an installation date.

On the evening before your installation you will receive a courtesy call from your engineer who will advise you on a time of arrival.

On the day of installation you will be consulted on how and the whereabouts of the product and where it will be positioned.

A full demonstration will be shown and full paperwork (warranty card) will be completed before your engineer leaves your property.

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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