EMOVE EM313 Gear Driven Manual Caravan Motor Mover



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EM313 Gear Driven Manual Caravan Motor Mover



Introducing the EM313, the latest evolution in motor mover technology, marking a substantial leap forward from its predecessor, the EM303. While staying true to its manual gear-driven design, the EM313 stands out with a range of upgraded features.

At the forefront of these enhancements is the integration of a four-pole configuration motor, a pivotal upgrade that not only boosts power but also reinforces reliability. Alongside this improvement, the EM313 features an upgraded gearing system, ensuring peak performance and efficiency. The aluminium rollers have undergone a significant enlargement, increasing their diameter from 55mm to 70mm – a remarkable 21% enhancement. This enlargement maximises traction by expanding the surface area engaged with the tyres, reducing the risk of rollers slipping during operation. Notably, the EM313 has undergone rigorous testing, demonstrating an impressive safe working load capacity of 1900kg, showcasing its durability and suitability for various applications.

Enhancing user experience is the inclusion of a digital diagnostic handset, offering valuable insights into operational status. Complete with an LCD screen featuring indicators for max current overload and low battery levels for both the handset and caravan leisure battery. The EM313 has been designed to be more compact, with a focus on maximising ground clearance. Suitable for L-profile chassis’ with a depth of 160mm, a 15mm spacer is included with motor clamps to help effortlessly achieve the required clearance.

Traditional caravan movers often suffer from extensive exposed metal components, which not only pose challenges in terms of maintenance but also increase the risk of rust formation. In contrast, the EM313 addresses this issue with its comprehensive full cover, safeguarding both motors and engagement mechanisms against the detrimental effects of the elements.

This innovative feature not only enhances protection but also simplifies cleaning processes, ensuring that your investment in a motor mover remains aesthetically pleasing for an extended period. By mitigating the risk of rust and streamlining maintenance, the EM313 offers unparalleled longevity and visual appeal compared to its counterparts.

• E-move digital display handset, offering convenient access to the status of the caravan mover with power overload and low battery indicators.

• Easy wind dual roller engagement system for effortless manoeuvring.

• E-Cover provides comprehensive all-season protection for both motor and engagement mechanism.

• Oversized alloy rollers maximising tyre contact area and traction.

• Versatility to accommodate single and twin axle caravans at a flick of a switch. (4WD twin axle systems require TWO full kits, one handset pairs to both control units)

• E-coating on paintwork and full cover for added durability and protection against the elements.

• Incorporates soft start/stop technology for precise and shockproof control.

• Backed by a full 5-year parts and labour warranty, providing peace of mind for users.

• Optional Extras: E-move Smart Phone App and Hardware

• Safe Working Load: 2500kg Tarmac, Sand and Gravel (flat)

• Incline: Capable of moving 1900kg up 18% slop

• Optional Extras: E-move Smart Phone App and Hardware

• Maximum Load: 2500kg (1900kg on 18% gradient)

• Motor Brushes: 4

• Speed on Flat surface cm per second: 12 cm per Second

• Roller Diameter: 70mm

• Product Size: 37.5x21x21.5cm



Bundle Includes

1 x EM313 Gear Driven Manual Caravan Motor Mover

1 x Gear Driven Manual Caravan Motor Mover Accessory Box

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