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Easy to use wind-out box awning for Motorhome and Campervan available in lengths from 1.9 to 4.5m

The Fiamma F45S is by far Europe’s most popular box awning thanks to its ease of use, superior quality and features and extensive range of accessories. The F45S is a wind-out awning with automatically extending arms and drop down legs* which fold within the awning case. It’s a great way to allow you to rapidly set up a simple canopy offering sun shade or rain shelter over a large area next to your campervan or motorhome.

*Except F45 S 190

This version with Polar White case is available in lengths from 1.9m to 4.5m long to suit all sizes of vehicle and most lengths give the option to add side or front panels, or a even a complete Privacy Room enclosure. The Fiamma F45S awning is delivered with a standard installation kit for bolt-through-wall installation on most coach-built motorhomes but there are also an extensive range of specialist adapter kits for other vehicles.

Fiamma F45S awning Video

Video shows Fiamma F45L model but operation and features shown are the same for F45S.

Fiamma F45S awning features

Fiamma F45S Canopy Fabric

The Fiamma F45S canopy fabric is multi-layered, washable, ultra-resistant, flame retardant and is patterned on both sides. The light reflective properties of the canopy keep it cool in warmer climates and make it resistant to fading caused by UV sunlight. The seemless construction of the canopy increases performance and gives it greater resistance to tears caused by sudden winds. Packing away the Fiamma F45S awning when wet is no problem, as the canopy is rot-proof (air out as soon as possible). The F45S canopy is finished in attractive Deluxe Grey and Blue Ocean.

Auto Lock & Dual Security

The only awning with silent opening thanks to Auto-Lock self-locking winch safety system. With exclusive long life Aluminium mechanical parts, it offers a quality product vastly superior to other comparable noisy hook and release mechanisms from other brands.

The Dual Security system has indicators at both ends of the awning case to clearly show that the awning is correctly and securely closed before travelling.

Presto Fix

The Fiamma awning is the only awning with patented adjusting system that enables you to adjust the closing of the front bar. Over a period of time the tension in the canopy fabric or awning arms may change. Presto Fix allows you to realign the closing of the front bar ensuring a long awning life.

One Way Roll

Some awning brands allow you to roll the canvas the wrong way around the roller tube leading to the awning not closing properly. You have to unwind and then rewind your awning correctly. The Fiamma awning mechanism prevents the canvas from ever retracting the wrong side of the roller tube so you awning always closes properly.

Shock Absorber

Dual shock absorber protects both the awning and your vehicle by absorbing vibration and wind impact preventing the force being transferred to the awning case or vehicle wall.

Extra Strong Arms

Highly resistant reinforced articulated arms with strong 3.5mm wire cables. Arms are proof tested for more than 10,000 cycles of opening and closing the awning. How many times will you use yours?

Double Lead Bar Guide

Fiamma F45 S awning is equipped with double guide on the lead bar to allow fitting of front panels, shades and a range of useful accessories.

Secure Lock and Wall Mount Option

Telescopic awning legs lock securely and allow easy adjustment of lead bar height and angle to accommodate rain run off. You also have a wall mount option for the awning legs which can be used on most motorhomes and campervans.

F45S Awning Compatibility

The Fiamma F45 S awnings are delivered as standard with a fitting kit suitable for bolt-through-wall installation on the flat vertical wall of a coach-built motorhome.

An extensive range of Specialist Fitting Kits are available for other fitting applications including

  • Model specific kits for non-standard Motorhome installation
  • Fiat Ducato / Peugeot Boxer / Citreon Relay (Jumper) van family
  • Renault Master / Vauxhall Movano van family
  • Mercedes Sprinter / VW Crafter van family
  • Ford Transit
  • Renault Trafic / Vauxhall Vivaro / Nissan Primastar and NV300 van family
  • VW Transporter van generations T3 (T25), T4, T5 and T6
  • Some versions of Mercedes Vito and Viano
  • Generic kits for roof bar, fiberglass roof and flat roof installation
  • Installation kit builder for the advanced user

View the range of adaptors kits to suit your vehicle or if you require assistance to identify the correct fitting kit or awning for your vehicle please email with details of your vehicle. Attaching a picture of the van always helps.

Fiamma F45S Awning Specification

The Polar White case version of the F45S awning is available in lengths from 1.9m to 4.5m with different extensions depending on the awning length.


Description Case Length


Fabric Length


Awning Extension


Shade Area Weight
F45S 190 185cm 169cm 100cm 1.7m2 11.5 kg
F45S 230 231cm 214cm 150cm 3.2m2 16.5 kg
F45S 260 263cm 247cm 200cm 4.9m2 19.5 kg
F45S 300 308cm 292cm 250cm 7.3m2 23 kg
F45S 350 348cm 331cm 250cm 8.3m2 25 kg
F45S 375 375cm 357cm 250cm 8.9m2 26 kg
F45S 400 398cm 381cm 250cm 9.5m2 27 kg
F45S 425 423cm 405cm 250cm 10.1m2 28.2 kg
F45S 450 448cm 431cm 250cm 10.8m2 29.5 kg

F45S Supplied Equipment

  • 1 x F45S awning
  • 1 x Winding Handle
  • 4 x ground pegs
  • Awning Leg wall support kit
  • Fiamma Rafter included with 400 and 450 lengths only
  • Standard Installation Kit dependent on awning length
    • Awning Length 190 to 230: 2 x 120mm brackets
    • Awning Length 260 to 400: 2 x 120mm brackets, 1 x 80mm bracket
    • Awning Length 450: 2 x 400mm brackets, 1 x 120mm bracket

F45S Awning Optional Equipment

Structural support and Reinforcement

For additional structural support you can choose from a range of Fiamma Rafters, MagicRafters, Tie Down straps and pegs and plates kits available on our Fiamma accessories

Awning panels and enclosures

A range of optional panels and rooms are available for most awning lengths

  • Fiamma Blockers and Side Blockers individual panels for front or side of awning
  • Privacy Room – Complete enclosure for awning lengths from 260 – 450
  • Privacy Room Light – Enclosure with less weight and pack space for lengths 260 – 450
  • Privacy Ultra Light – Lightweight enclosure with roof liner for lengths 260 – 400

Accessories and upgrades

Fiamma F45 awning can be improved with handy awning hangers, Rain Guards and Drip Stop, integrated LED Lighting and a Motor Kit.




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