Gaslow Reserve Connection Hose





 Gaslow Cylinder Connection Hose


A Gaslow connection hose that connects to a calor gas bottle


The Gaslow Reserve Cylinder Connection Hose enables the connection of a reserve cylinder to the Gaslow filler point.

Perfect if you are on site and don’t want to move your caravan to find a filling station.

The hose screws into the internal thread on the Gaslow Fill Kit.

The other end of the hose connects directly to any 21.8LH cylinders or our range of Gaslow 21.8LH Adapters, so you can connect to all European cylinders.

The gas will be drawn from the reserve cylinder, through the Gaslow Reserve Connection Hose to one of the refillable cylinders to the regulator.

Note that it will not transfer liquid gas into the refillable cylinder, so gas from this cylinder will only be used if the refillable is empty.

Perfect for Calor

Gaslow Easy-Fit UK Propane Adapter

A screw thred made from brass with a red twist locking nut

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