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Leisurewize Breathable Caravan Cover 19 to 21ft 3 ply Grey




Leisurewize Breathable Caravan Cover 19 to 21ft 3 ply





This Leisurewize caravan cover 19 to 21 foot is a triple layer, It is fully breathable meaning even if the caravan or cover is slightly damp the cover will allow it to dry out. It is a soft material which won’t scratch the windows or dull the paintwork and comes with lashing straps that feed underneath the caravan to secure and tighten it

Our caravan covers are a universal fit and measurements are taken from the rear most point of the outer body to the point at which the sloping front edge of the caravan meets the A-Frame.

Please do not include the A-Frame when measuring your caravan.

If you have an aerial on top of your caravan, we recomend youeither remove it or if your can not remove it, cover it with something,

(a) it will stop the aerial getting damaged or

(b) it will stop the cover getting ripped

Our covers offer the same function as bespoke but at a more

sensible price. Using our proven triple layer SFS material you can

ensure that your caravan is protected against the elements such as sun, rain, snow, dust, bird lime, tree sap, airborne pollutants and heat.

Triple Layer Protection

Outer Layer: Soft yet durable. This layer is designed to reflect the sun’s harmful UV rays and to prolong the life of not just the vehicle but the cover itself through the extra protect the outer layer provides.

Middle Layer: Let it breath. The middle layer is an aeror micropore breathable film. This allows for water vapour to escape yet prevents rainfall from penetrating. Our covers are not only water resistant but also breathable.

Inner Layer: Soft and non-abrasive. The inside layer is what rests against your vehicle which is why we use a soft and proven non-abrasive material to prevent scratches or rubbing of paintwork.


• Triple layer SFS material beads water on contact affording maximum resistance to rainfall and snow.

• Breathable – water and condensation under the cover can easily escape.

• Green material blends in with environment.

• Reduces internal heat build-up in the caravan and protects internal furnishings from the fading effects of the sun.

• UV stabilised.

• Tough interlocking 4 ply seams with rot proof thread.

• Soft and lightweight – will not scratch caravan.

• Elasticated hem provides easy, universal fitting.

• 4 zippers make the caravan cover easier to put on and take off and offers access to the door of the caravan.

• Sewn-in, quick release buckles for easy installation and removal.

• Suits caravans up to 225 cm wide and 246 cm high.