Ma-Ve Automatic Levelling System



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Ma-Ve Automatic Levelling System



Fully Automatic MA-VE levelling System for your Motor home.

We all want our motorhome holiday to be enjoyable, comfortable and stress free.

Arriving on site and having to take out blocks, kneel on a muddy pitch and shout instructions to the driver while checking a spirit level isn’t conducive to any of the above. Arriving on site and pushing a button is!

The Ma-Ve system levels, stabilises and secures your vehicle in less than 2 minutes. Before the kettle has boiled the four jacks will be locked in position ensuring fridges operate correctly, food doesn’t slide around the plate, shower trays empty and your night’s sleep is a good one.

Operated by the simple control panel or free smart phone app, the system can also be adjusted manually to change a tyre, empty water tanks or even winterise your vehicle.

The quality of the Ma-Ve system is such that we confidently offer our unrivalled 3 year “Fit and Forget” warranty with every system fitted by an authorised Ma-Ve agent. Should there be an issue (and we don’t expect there will) one of our own Ma-Ve engineers can be on site, anywhere in the UK within 24 hours, to resolve the problem. – Total Peace of Mind

A product with the quality and value of a Ma-Ve system is a sound investment so, if you change your motorhome, the Ma-Ve system is designed to be removed and re-installed on your new vehicle without difficulty.

When you have it, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

Ma-Ve is a hydraulic motorhome levelling manufacturer that has always been committed to creating the highest quality products. They are designed to last a long time as a result of the enormous passion and commitment. The staff are all dedicated to achieve a quality product with the latest equipment available..

Our main objective at Ma-Ve is to be your ideal holiday partner. We will brighten your holidays by offering 5-star comfort in your motor home.

Let yourselves be enthralled. Most of all, Ma-Ve products will be your faithful travelling companion.

Advanced technology, simple and essential design, a careful treatment and research of the best technical solutions are all combined. Furthermore with the use of the best materials we make our products unique on the market for reliability, ease of use, size and weight. All of this offered at an unbeatable price.

Our mission is to work hard every day, therefore giving you the maximum satisfaction in the use of our products. Designed and manufactured completely in San Marino the whole system is sourced and built from European parts.

Bischoff Level
Levelling Dethleff

To have a stable and well-levelled motor home whilst parked is the dream of every motor home owner.

You will sleep much better and the motor home won’t move when you do. Pots and pans will not slide away from the hob and changing a wheel will be simple and easy. See how it works here.

The MA-VE automatic levelling system will offer you all these and the combination of price and quality will surprise you. Designed and produced taking care of every detail. We have taken into account the best quality, comfort, reliability and performance, putting this system at the top of its category. It uses an electro-hydraulic pump and features a hand lever to retract the “feet” even in case of a breakdown of the unit.

There are different models of lifting jacks available in our range. The various models are characterised by different lifting strengths, dimensions and operating abilities of the vehicle. All models of motorhome jacks are coated 5 times to increase durability against corrosion (especially in the UK). The large support plate prevents each jack from sinking into the ground which is strengthened by stainless steel ribs. These plates are also provided with drain holes and are strongly fixed to the jacks, they can rotate to adapt to all types of ground and still guarantee the correct support.

The electronic control unit can be used to operate the levelling both manually and completely automatically. It can also be used for different functions, such as the emptying of tanks. The user interface is a simple control panel that will integrate perfectly into your vehicle thanks to its discreet and elegant design.

The benefits of a motorhome levelling system

  • Simple levelling at the push of a button
  • Fully automatic hydraulic levelling jacks
  • Sturdy and vibration-free position
  • Change any tyre easily
  • Additional theft protection & piece of mind
  • Maintenance-free with 3 year warranty
  • Completely hydraulic levelling system
  • Safety feature prevents driving off with hydraulic jacks deployed
  • Ready for immediate use
  • Improved waste water drainage from sink and shower
  • Jacks are retracted hydraulically, preventing them from getting stuck in mud.

Individual Parts:


Our pump:

  • Integrated adjustable pressure valve
  • All Italian built
  • Runs at 120 to 200 Bar
  • Use only top Quality AT Fluid
  • Manual Lever (not drill) for emergencies
  • 6 Port System (4 Power down, 2 Return)
  • Simple Plug and Play Harness (control panel)
Control Panel

Our Panel:

  • Slim Line Design
  • Manufactured in Italy
  • Push Button Control
  • Single RJ45 Connection
  • Smartphone Compatibility (Download App here)
  • Free App (No Separate Remote Needed)
  • Remote Access


Control Panel

Often referred to as Legs, Jacks or Rams, the Ma-Ve Jacks are available in a wide range of choices. Although in most cases with the levelling fitting, there is a particular length and extension to suit each vehicle.

Here is some more information on our Legs / Rams

  • Multiple Lengths
  • 3 Tonne Per Leg CapacityMa-Ve Level Foot
  • Coated 5 times
  • Hydraulic Retraction
  • Multiple Port Connection
  • No Maintenance

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Common Installations

Fiat X250

Telescopic Legs both front and rear.

341mm Telescopic on the Fiat Front

318mm with Flange on the Rear

Bolts to a chassis bracket (supplied)



Al-Ko Chassis

Telescopic Legs both front and rear.

341mm Telescopic on the Fiat Front

318mm with Flange on the Rear

Some Low Line Versions require:

280mm Flange Telescopic


Mercedes Sprinter

4 IdenticalJacks

Standard 425mm Extensions

All fitted with Flange

Straight Extension


425 1



Installation Details

Once your order has been placed we will contact you within 24hrs to confirm your order and a quick consultation. You will then be offered an installation date.

On the evening before your installation you will receive a courtesy call from your engineer who will advise you on a time of arrival.

On the day of installation you will be consulted on how and the whereabouts of the product and where it will be positioned.

A full demonstration will be shown and full paperwork (warranty card) will be completed before your engineer leaves your property.

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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