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Powrtouch Freedom 

The Powrtouch Freedom caravan mover is designed to fit caravans that have shock absorbers fitted or have a narrow gap (less than 105mm) between the chassis and the tyre, but fitted with a reduction gearbox to provide more moving power to the caravan wheels than all other current traditional caravan movers. Under ideal conditions it is expected that this model will move a 1,500 Kgs (approx 1.5UK tons) caravan up a 1 in 4 slope.

Key Points 

Our Powrtouch Freedom mover for single axle caravans will fit all standard Alko & BPW chassis with or without shock absorbers.


Adaption brackets are available to allow fitment to non standard chassisHigh strength, high grade steel reduction gearbox giving improved power delivery

Ability to engage both rollers from one side via our cross actuation engagement system




Our Powrtouch Freedom is powerful enough to move caravans weighing 1500kgs on a 1 in 4 slope (levelling ramps)

Robust and durable construction achieved through the use of high grade steel & materials

Hard wearing roller construction in aluminium to save weight



Precise & accurate soft start Powr drive control giving smooth mm by mm manoeuvring

360 degree directional precision control with in motion directional adjustment




Comprehensive directional performance, all with 4 speed settings

Multifunction handset and base unit warning indication system

Designed & manufactured to the highest industry standards including ISO 9001:2008

This industry leading guarantee is fully supported by our factory trained technicians and engineers


All this and our unrivalled and industry renowned totally free five year no quibble guarantee for full peace of mind

Just some of the FREEDOM features…

• The Original Powrtouch Freedom mover system is competitively priced

and designed and manufactured to the highest standards.

• Powrbar cross actuation system that allows BOTH rollers to be engaged

or disengaged from EITHER side of the caravan.



• Designed for maximum ground clearance.

• Fluid movement control giving the ability to change direction without stopping.

• Full soft start system giving MILLIMETRE by MILLIMETRE control.




• Low battery indication system (for both the handset and caravan battery).

• Automatic shutdown after 20 minutes to prevent accidental battery drain

if the Powrtouch is left switched on.

• Instant stop the moment the handset buttons are released

(for maximum safety).

• National coverage of technicians to call upon anywhere in the UK

should you encounter any issue with performance of your mover.

At home or on holiday, Powrtouch remain the brand you

can truly rely on.

The PowrTouch Freedom

Operational Voltage 12 Volt DC


Average Current Consumption 20amp


Max Current Consumption 80 amp


Speed 25 cm per sec.


Weight approx. 35kg


Permissible Overall weight 2,500kg

POW 15% gradient 1,550kg

POW 20% gradient 1,525kg

POW on 25% Gradient 1,500kg


Power Source

(caravan leisure battery) 12V 85Ah

Guarantee 5yrs

Once your order has been placed you will receive a telephone call within 24hrs to confirm your order and a quick consultation. You will then be offered an installation date which will be within 7 to 14 days.

On the evening before your installation you will receive a courtesy call from your engineer who will advise you on a time of arrival.

On the day of installation you will be consulted on how and the whereabouts of the electronics will be positioned.

A full demonstration will be shown and full paperwork (warranty card) will be completed before your engineer leaves your property.

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

01332 730049


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