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Saracen Ultra Hitch Lock





The Saracen Ultra is constructed using Fullstop Security’s special blend of composite metals which have been specially chosen to be resistant to cutting, drilling and gas freezing.



The Saracen Ultra was designed in Purple Line’s UK innovation centre. It is designed specifically to fit AL-KO hitches, and is therefore a perfect fit around the hitch, where some generic hitch locks may leave a lot of space around the hitch, causing rattling, and leaving them far less secure and vulnerable to crowbar attacks. The Saracen Ultra is suitable for AL-KO AK130, AK160, AKS1300, AKS2004 & AKS3004 caravan and trailer hitches.

Installation includes placing the top half of the hitch shield over the hitch and the bottom half under the hitch before passing the high-security locking barrel through the shield, securing the Saracen.

The Saracen Ultra comes complete with a free carry case, security hitch ball and lock protector.

The Saracen Ultra caravan & trailer hitch lock … Great value AL-KO specific hitch lock

Product FHL400
Weight 3kg
Height 170mm
Width  100mm
Depth 140mm
Storage Bag Yes
Keys Supplied 3


Insurer Approval Level
Caravan Guard Accepted Mandatory
Towergate Accepted Mandatory


Q. Does the Saracen Ultra fit my caravan hitch? 

A. The Saracen Ultra fits is suitable for AL-KO AK130, AK160, AKS1300, AKS2004 & AKS3004 caravan and trailer hitches.


Q. Does the Saracen Ultra fit the new AKS3004 Hitch? 

A. Yes the Saracen Ultra fits both the new and old AKS3004 Hitch design. See the product photo gallery for images on how the hitch lock fits.


Q. Can I get replacement keys for the Saracen Ultra? 

A. We do not directly stock replacement keys for the Saracen Ultra, however you will be able to purchase replacement keys through a locksmith.



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