Streetwize 2000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter



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Streetwize 2000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter



This pure sine wave inverter from Streetwize safely converts your vehicle’s 12V DC battery into a 230-40V AC power supply for using standard UK electrical appliances that totals up to its continuous output of 2000W. It is intended for those who require access to an AC power supply in areas where there is restricted access to a power suppy. It is perfect for caravan/campervan users as well as tradespeople. Pure Sine Wave inverters are able to operate more appliances than conventional modified sine inverters, which cannot operate appliances with an AC motor such as laser printers and fluorescent lights. IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ: This pure sine wave inverter is primarily designed for operating a wide range of Class 2 appliances. Class 2 appliances are double insulated and do not require earth connections. Most computers, laptops, photocopiers, laser printers, cordless power tools, and plastic-cased appliances are identified as Class 2 appliances. PLEASE NOTE: This product is not suitable for operating Class 1 appliances. Typical Class 1 appliances include toasters, kettles, washing machines and irons.


Features and benefits

Safely converts your 2V DC battery into a 230-240V AC power supply

Suitable for powering a wide range of Class II appliances

Provide a more reliable output than standard modified sine wave inverter

Two UK 3-pin plugs with protective covers

USB charge port for powering your smartphone or tablet device

Continuous output: 2000W

Peak output: 4000W

Multiple electrical protection features: