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Gel Car Battery Charger



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Streetwize Intelligent 6V/12V/24V 10A Auto Acid Liquid & Gel Car Battery Charger


Gel Car Battery Charger



This microprocessor controlled Battery Charger uses a simple 3 step operation incorporating a 5 stage automatic charging cycle.

Heavy Duty Intelligent Fully Automatic Gel Car Battery Charger comes with full instructions.

  • Step 1: Bulk Stage. This is where the charger will do the most work, recharging batteries that are severley flat. The highest voltage & ampage which the charger is rated at will be used.
  • Step 2: Absorption Stage. Now that the battery has reached 80% of charge, the intelligent charger will begin to steady the voltage used and ampage will decline. At this point your battery is absorbing a steady charge.
  • Step 3: Float Charge. When the battery is 95% charged, float stage will begin. This means that the intelligent charger will slowly bring the battery to 100% and maintain that charge consistently and safely.
  • Suitable for use with Car, 4×4, Van, Motorcycle, Caravan/Motorhome, Leisure & Marine Batteries.
  • When connected to a battery for long periods this charger will automatically keep the battery at full power without overcharging (see manual)
  • Ideal for vehicles in storage. Short-Circuit Protection. Reverse Polarity Protection.
  • 12v 10 Amp
  • Suitable for Batteries – SLA [Sealed Lead Acid], Wet/Flooded [Liquid Electrolyte], GEL, AGM, MF between 1.2-180 AH

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