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Rechargeable Dehumidifier Twin Pack



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Streetwize Rechargeable Dehumidifier Twin Pack with Silicon GelĀ 


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Protect against Damp in Caravans and Motorhomes with this rechargeable dehumidifier twin pack.

Rechargeable Dehumidifier Twin Pack set to keep your caravan or motorhome free from moisture build up. Suitable for sustained use for 3 to 4 months before any need for recharging. When it has absorbed all that it can, the indicator window on the front of the product will turn from blue to pink indicating that it requires recharging.


No Need for Replacement Damp Crystals

To recharge the dehumidifier, simply plug into a mains supply and leave overnight to regenerate, can be recharged over and over again. The gel dehumidifier crystals are dried out and the indicator returns to blue, showing that it is ready to be used again


Ideal for Overwintering

Because this moisture draining damp buster can be used for months between charges, it’s ideal to leave in your caravan over winter, guarding against a damp caravan come the springtime. In cases where caravan damp is already an issue, this useful dehumidifier set can help to stop the problem building and getting worse, especially in storage.



2 x rechargeable cells containing approx 300g of Silica Gel (SiO2) also known as Water Glass

1 x Recharge cable and plug (240 volts)

Dimensions: 150mm x 120mm x 40mm approx.


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