Truma Dual Battery MPPT Solar Controller 25A -12V


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Truma Dual Battery MPPT Solar Controller 25A -12V


MPPT charge controller is made for charging two batteries at the same time in a solar system. This controller supports multiple battery types, including Sealed, Gel, Flooded, LiFePO4 (with intergrated BMS).

MPPT Solar controllers (Maximum Power Point Tracking) can intelligently regulate the working voltage of solar panels, letting the solar panels always work at Maximum Power Point of V-A curve. Compared with ordinary solar controller, this MPPT controller can increase the efficiency of PV modules by 10% to 30%.


The Dual Battery MPPT Solar Charge Controller adopts the advanced MPPT control algorithm, which will minimize the maximum power point loss rate and loss time, also fast track the maximum power point (MPP) of the PV array, and obtain the maximum energy from solar array under any conditions. The energy utilization in the MPPT solar system is increased by 20-30% compared with PWM charging method. The controller features a low-power mode, which reduces standby current when the unit is idle preventing power waste and helping to enhance the products life. The system parameters are shown and set by the MT4-BT remote meter (Accessory). 

Monitoring of the system can be made easy with the optional remote meter or via Apple & Android smartphones, tablets, macbooks and other devices, using the optional eBox-Bluetooth Adapter.


• Maximum Power Point Tracking technology with ultra-fast tracking speed and the tracking efficiency

• Bluetooth (BT10 Bluetooth Dongle required)

• Wired Remote Monitoring (MT4_BT display required)

• Advanced MPPT control algorithm to minimize the MPP lost rate and lost time 

• The wider range of the MPP operation voltage to improve the PV module utilization 

• Auto control function of charging power & charging current limitation (BATT1) 

• High quality and low failure rate components of ST, TI and Infineon to ensure the product life. 

• Digital circuit control of adaptive three-stage charging mode to enhance BATT1 life.  

• Product runs into the low-power mode when there is no manual operation for a long time, and charging conditions are not satisfied (PV<5V). 

• 100% charging and discharging in operation environmental temperature range. 

• Standard Modbus protocol, and RS485 (5V/200mA) communication port for the customer to expand the application area.


• Max Rated Charging Current: 25 amps

• Max Rated Load Current: 25 amps

• Rated Solar Charge Power: 350 Watts @ 12V 

• Max Input Solar Voltage: 50V 

• Self Consumption: 8-16mA

• System Voltage: 12V

• Battery Selection: Sealed, Gel, Flooded, LiFePO4

• Max PV Wire Size: 4mm²

Dimensions: 147 × 74 × 40 mm

Weight: 400g