Truma Gas Level Control




Truma Gas Level Control


Check your gas level with the Truma App

Truma LevelControl uses ultrasound to measure quickly and accurately how much gas there is in the cylinder. It also indicates how long the gas will last. The filling level sensor sends the calculated data to your iNetBox. With the free Truma App you can then check the measured values conveniently on your smartphone or tablet. With Truma LevelControl you always have your gas supply under control – even when you’re out and about.

  • Accurately calculates the filling level of steel and aluminium LPG cylinders with a diameter of 200 to 350 mm
  • Indicates the gas level as a percentage or in kilograms and also how long the gas will last in days
  • Sends the result via Bluetooth (if you are within range) or SMS (if you are outside the range) directly to your smartphone or tablet

More details about the filling level sensor

Attach the Truma LevelControl beneath the steel gas cylinder with the integrated magnet.



For aluminium cylinders you need a clamping sheet, which is also available from Truma. When you replace the gas cylinder, simply remove the sensor and attach it to the full cylinder. A sign reminds you to remove the LevelControl before you return the cylinder.


If you have two gas cylinders in your vehicle, you can use a separate Truma LevelControl for each cylinder. The Truma App then shows you the levels of each of the two cylinders. When there is only a little gas left in the cylinder, you receive an SMS alert.


  • Easy to install
  • Convenient to operate via the Truma App
  • Up to two filling level sensors can be used parallel to each other
  • Not suitable for plastic gas cylinders, refillable gas cylinders, gas tanks or butane cylinders (Campingaz)




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