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Auto Addition Nation Wide is specialized in supplying and installing a wide range of Satthe elite Dish which helps you in watching your favorite TV programs, news, sports, movies, and other channels as well. We tailor our services to meet our client exceeding expectation and specific requirements. Our professional technicians help you in installing your motorhomes dish so you can watch your programs anywhere, anytime.  Whether you are driving or on the encampment, our plate helps you to catch up with your favorite movie and shows by giving you crystal clear channels.

Catch up your favorite programs by installing our Satellite Dish:

Our experienced team of experts carefully listens to all your requirements to fulfill all your demands and work according to avoid all the inconvenience. In case of confusion, we help you in cho, using first and appropriate dish satellites according to your vehicle size, needs, and financial plans. We give our clients the opportunity to select a wide range of dish satellites. They can re-point automatically when the satellites have been selected which provide you some channels to watch.

Oyster 85cm Auto Skew Twin LNB:

By installing our Oyster 85, you can easily travel the world without any compromise, as you can easily watch your television and radio programs throughout your journey. Our reliable and durable O, oyster 85 work beyond your expectations and they give you the best singles even in poor or harsh weathers and conditions. Also, our dishes are fully automatic satellite systems, as they do all the hard-work for you. Now you don’t have to climb up your motorhomes roofs to turn your dish into the right way to receive the best single. With our satellite dish, you can easily watch hundreds of channels for free even whether you are in campsites or urban areas.

Key Features:

  • Approximate Weight of 14 kg
  • Approximate dish diameter 85 cm
  • Dish height is 22 cm (folded)
  • Stay fixed because of swivel-head technology
  • Reliable services for almost three years
  • Digital satellite search within 30 to 60 seconds
  • Always use durable materials
  • Cover very little space
  • Water-repellent and aerodynamic designs
  • Low air-resistance and no freezing ina winter
  • At vehicle start automatic retraction

Oyster V85cm Auto Skew LNB Satellite System:

Our durable Oyster V85 satellite dish automatically turns itself to the satellite exactly where the satellites are positioned which give you-you clear channels to watch anywhere. This technology edge gives you the best results because of the ree interacting components such as 3a D compass which identifies the direction where you are oriented to, GPS identifies the positions and inclination sensors accurately determines the motorhome inclination. Furthermore, they start the fun fully automatic search within fa ew seconds with the help of satellite antennas and transmit your desired programs. Our dish has was ide reception range and brilliant image definition both efficiently combined to give you digital satellite so you can watch your favourite programs in various locations.

Buy our satellite dish by calling our customer care team. To ask question give us a call or send us email with your name, email address and message. Our experienced team of experts is always available to give you satisfactory answer and all the information you want to know. For more details stay in touch with us or visit our website. To get estimated quotes call us!

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Supply and Fit, Supply Only


Latest antenna technology for an even larger reception range
Small, compact antenna saves space on the vehicle roof
Simple, intuitive operation
Fully automated satellite searching and aiming in 30 to 60 seconds

LEM technology for reduced search times (stores last elevation angle)
Automatic retraction at vehicle start
Made in Germany – high quality craftsmanship and durable materials
Solid, reliable design using PC-ASA plastic that even resists hail
Support arm provides reinforcement against strong winds
3 year warranty


Weight: 17kg
Dish dimensions: 56cm x 56cm
Height: 14cm (folded)