Gaslow LPG Filler Vent Pipe 2 metre & Fittings





Gaslow LPG Filler Vent Pipe 2 metre & Fittings




The Gaslow LPG Filler Vent Pipe and fittings 01-4172 is used when you have to pass an LPG filler hose through a void in a vehicle. Using this kit safely removes any LPG that may leak from the filler fittings through to atmosphere, making your vehicle safe. This kit can be used on any vehicle, from a van conversion where you would have a cavity between the habitation area and the filler point or vehicles like Autosleeper motorhomes that have an underslung tank and the filler point enters the habitation area of the van under a seat, which then drops through the floor to the tank.

This kit would be used when you use a 1500mm or 2000mm filler hose. the existing filler pod mounting screws are used to mount the vent fitting to the filler pod as shown in the photos. Locker end fitting can use either self tapping screws or bolts, depending on how you wish to fit. kit comes without screws or bolts.

Kit comprises of the following:

2 x Metre of convoluted pipe

2 x End plates

2 x 3mm Neoprene gaskets

2 x O ring 35 x 1.5

2 x O ring 39 x 2