Gaslow Wave Bluetooth Gas Level Gauge Kit





Gaslow Wave Bluetooth Gas Level Gauge Kit




With the new Gaslow WAVE wireless module, you can now view the exact fill level of your cylinder on your mobile phone, get automated information about fill levels, have fill level warnings sent and maintain control of your gas consumption at all times. All on your smartphone with the addition of our accurate Bluetooth Kit & App.

Each Gaslow Multi-Valve cylinder will require a Gaslow Wave Kit to display on the App.



The NEW Gaslow WAVE system enables you to control your self-refillable gas cylinder contents through your smartphone with the addition of our accurate Bluetooth Kit.

Our designated App for both iOS and Android will inform you about your gas level, usage and when you are running low of gas.

User settings allow you to set your own alarm level depending on how early you want notification.

More time for you and your camping adventure

Easy and flexible installation of the Gaslow Wave gauge

Timely notice for the refill

Connection via Bluetooth

Your gas consumption at a glance

A constant overview and display of the remaining amount of gas, no matter where you are.

The app saves the consumption in a graphic so that you have control over your gas consumption at any time.

Adjustable alarm settings

Set 2 alarm values to be notified in time when the specified fill level is reached. So you can always plan your visit to the gas station in advance.

The perfect kit

All you need in one.

An easy installation combined with the free app makes the Gaslow Wave system your best companion.



Frequently asked questions

Why do I have to register and be logged in for the app to display data at all?

The data is not stored locally on your phone, but centrally on a cloud server. This allows you to change your device without losing your data. To be able to allocate your data, we need user accounts.

What is the GPS data needed for?

The “DIMES” product range also includes a solution for stationary containers (heating) – to be able to offer corresponding services (e.g. automatic filling), the data must be evaluated (customer, location, fill level). Furthermore we plan to include all available LPG filling stations in a later version of the app. This will enable you to find the nearest petrol station directly in the app.

Why does my tracking service have to be activated?

The providers Apple and Android do not allow Bluetooth connection if tracking services are disabled.

What data is collected and what happens to it?

The data will be sent exclusively to (ROTAREX S.A.) the manufactures of the Multivalve. You can find further information at Click Here

I am asked for a PIN when configuring the app. Where is it located?

The PIN is located on the sticker on the back of the module.

Can I measure the level with the Gaslow Wave without an internet connection?

The current fill level can also be read without an Internet connection. Only the charts/graphs are set up via the cloud server.

The app is showing me a wrong fill level

If the app is showing REFILL (empty) although you knowingly have a full gas bottle (or generally get a wrong display), this may be due to the special feature of the “first alignment” of the sensor. As this is a mechanical level sensor which transmits the fill level from the valve to the display unit via a magnetic connection, under special circumstances it is possible that the two magnets “jam” together. Only when the float is moved the magnets are correctly aligned (by gas extraction and/or by vibrations during travel). Alternatively, the magnet in the sensor can be influenced with an external magnet so that it is manually released. For this reason the app should be set up and tested during installation before the sensor is screwed together (in this case the sensor can be adjusted again manually using an external magnet. Unfortunately, this problem is due to the design and cannot be solved constructively. The problem only exists once – once the system is aligned, this problem will not reoccur. This could have produced an incorrect value during your first measurements (which is why the level seems to have increased).

The plug can no longer be removed from the sensor

The plug connection is designed according to protection class IP54, which requires a good and secure connection. To release the connection, it is best to use a small (slotted) screwdriver, with which you press in the latch directly above the plug connection to be able to pull the plug upwards.

Can several devices be connected simultaneously?

The DIMES transmitter unit can only establish one connection at a time, but they can connect several devices (just not in parallel). This situation is due to the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) standard.

How often is the data updated?

The default frequency is 12 hours, under ANDROID (Apple unfortunately does not support this functionality) you can set the cycle yourself (Menu – Global Settings – Advanced Settings). Please enter the value in minutes (e.g. 120 for an automatic update every 2 hours). Please also consider that a shorter transmission frequency also means higher energy consumption (battery life).

Contents of Gaslow Wave Kit

Hall sensor 0.5 – 4.5 V (RRD Remote Readout Dial)

WAVE transmitter box with 1 m cable length (without batteries)

Holder for WAVE Box with velcro fastener

Allen Key with 2 screws for replacement