Gaslow W20 Auto Changeover Head



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Gaslow W20 Auto Changeover Head




The Gaslow Automatic Changeover is designed to be used with a twin cylinder gas system, designed for ease of operation and peace of mind. The automatic changeover fits onto any 30mbar regulator from 2004 with a W20 inlet thread.

The changeover is operated with both gas cylinders turned ON, first drawing gas from the service cylinder with the vanes in the window showing green. When the gas levels run low, the sensing device automatically changes over to the reserve cylinder without interrupting the gas flow and the vanes show red, indicating changeover has taken place.

Once changeover has taken place the internal non-return valve then allows you to disconnect your cylinder without switching off your gas supply

no more disconnecting or re-connecting of regulators usually at the most inconvenient time.

This automatic changeover will work with propane gas, butane gas and any mix of LPG gas.