Maxview Roam 5G Combo WiFi System With TV Aerial


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Maxview Roam 5G WiFi And TV Aerial Combo






Powerful 5G Router With Integrated WiFi Antenna And TV Aerial

This omni-directional antenna harnesses the future-proof technology of 5G reception with UHF TV signal for a complete digital entertainment package. With a simple roof mounting foot plate, taking up a limited amount of vital roof space, this Roam 5G Combo kit brings WiFi and terrestrial TV to your caravan, motorhome or campervan. The 4G/5G router offers WiFi connectivity to existing WiFi networks saving your 4/5G data for times you are in remote or rural destinations.

Plug and Play Router

Housed inside aluminium for lightweight and strength, the 4/5G router in protected from damaging vibrations thanks to the specifically designed anti-vibration bracket bringing peace of mind during your travels. The discreet router is simple to set up and offers a plug and play approach to installation enabling it to be stored away inside a cupboard, facia or other location. The router also provides two SIM card ports and is powerful enough to connect to up to 150 separate devices. For improved connection to vital devices, there are 5 ethernet ports with RJ45 connections.

Complete Entertainment

Being away from home does not mean being away from a choice of entertainment. From terrestrial TV programmes to streaming data via the 4G/5G antenna and router, this combo kit offers complete control and programme options. As the antenna and router are designed specifically for campervan, caravan and motorhome users, the Maxview Roam 5G Combo improves connectivity in remote or rural locations. Plus, as 5G technology continues to be deployed across the UK and Europe, this combo kit ensures you are future ready as technology advances. However, should you find that 5G is not available in your holiday location, then the Roam 5G router will connect to the 4G network and still offer a reliable and fast mobile data connection, keeping you in touch and connected.

Adjustable TV Booster

In areas of differential signal strength, the Maxview Variable Signal Booster provides adjustable gain control for improving picture image. The wideband UHF and HVF signal receiver provides exceptional reception for DAB radio and Digital TV quality. Two aerial outputs provide flexibility on use and positioning of TV’s or radio within your caravan or motorhome.

Easy Installation Combo Kit

The Maxview Roam 5G Combo 5G/WiFi and Aerial kit includes power supplies for both router and signal booster as well as all the standard fixings and brackets required for simple installation. For increased flexibility and ease of use, the router can be operating the router is simple with the free smartphone application available for Android and iOS compatible phones. The app allows remote monitoring of data usage, current status and connection settings as well as password control and other key settings.

Maxview Roam 5G Combo key features:

  • Compact 5G antenna with inbuilt omni-directional TV aerial
  • Choice of white or grey aerial
  • 5G router with dual SIM ports
  • Aluminium router casing with anti-vibration mounting
  • 5 ethernet ports for stable wired laptop, smartv or device connection
  • Compatible with 5G technology (when used a suitable SIM card)
  • Connectivity to existing WiFi network when in range saving mobile data
  • Runs on 12v
  • Variable Signal Booster for improved TV viewing

Maxview Roam 5G contents:

  • Omnidirectional roof-mount antenna/aerial
  • 4G/5G WiFi router
  • Router mounting kit
  • TV Signal Booster
  • 12v cigarette power supply for router
  • 12v Power Supply with fused cable for TV Signal Booster
  • 2 x Internal WiFi Antennas
  • 1.5m ethernet cable
  • Instructions

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