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Oyster Connect 4G Aerial






Stable internet connection?

Whether smartphone, tablet, laptop or smart TV – once at home logged into the network, all devices remain connected to the Internet and nothing standing in the way of safe, fast surfing.

When traveling, however, campers often have to back off when it comes to the Internet: Unstable reception or overloaded WLAN / LTE networks on campsites are not uncommon. ten Haaft offers the solution especially for travelers who are also on the go dependent on a reliable reception to work or not wanting to live without functioning Internet during their holiday.

Mobile internet just like at home – even while driving

The engineers of the premium manufacturer of mobile satellite technology from South Germany have developed an Oyster® Connect special antenna system for high demands: the mobile hotspot ensures a stable signal – even while driving.

You can relax in the motorhome, camper or caravan surfing – and use all the advantages of a „mobile home network“.

The connection remains independent of location, regardless of the location that the external signal network comes from – all registered devices automatically connect to their own hotspot.



Right at the top – Oyster® Connect

One of the main advantages of this special antenna system, with its direct HF-technical connection to the transmitter and receiver modules, is that the installation site of the outdoor unit is above the vehicle roof and thus the maximum transmit and receive power is made possible.

The Oyster® Connect is therefore far superior to the classic smartphone reception and to products currently available on the market since the attenuation of the signals by the vehicle body (thermal insulation glazing / Metal body) and the length of the antenna cable do not matter.


The Oyster® Connect – Outdoor Unit

The highlight is that the outdoor unit has both an LTE and a dual band WLAN module installed.

Each of these modules contains a directly connected antenna system, especially adjusted for this application that allows a greater range and, if the LTE network is overloaded by too many users, it can reach not only the next but also the radio mast after the next.

In the WLAN area, the MIMO system with 4 antennas ensures the stable data throughput, both in the 2.4 GHz band and in the 5 GHz band. MIMO is based on the ability to use intelligent data processing to send and receive a data stream over several antennas (Multiple Input Multiple Output).

The LTE function is based on an ALL-band antenna in diversity technology. It supports all European LTE bands / providers and offers maximum transmit and receive performance without aligning the antenna.

The information received in front of the outdoor unit is transmitted using a data cable to the indoor unit without loss.


The Oyster® Connect – Indoor Unit

The second component of the Oyster® Connect system, the indoor unit, is located in the vehicle interior and serves as a WLAN access point like your router at home. In the indoor unit there is a full, private access point with integrated 2.4 and 5 GHz WLAN antennas installed (2×2 MIMO technology). Both bands are operating in parallel – you can connect several mobile devices at the same time, on different bands, with the highest possible data transfer.

With the indoor unit, the desired end devices, such as smartphones, tablet, laptop or smart TV only have to be connected once. It also contains a LAN connection and therefore can also establish a private wired LAN network.



Simple assembly, convenient operation

The outdoor unit is constructed aerodynamically: with a height of only twelve centimetres and a length of about 40 centimetres it fits on every recreational vehicle and at only 1.5kg is extremely lightweight.

When it comes to assembly, the ten Haaft engineers have remained loyal to their proven system: a mounting plate is glued to the roof and the antenna housing is mounted with four screws. The plugged in SIM card can be exchanged at any time, for example through a country-specific SIM card.

A roof duct and the four meter long data cable enable a flexible installation on any vehicle.



SIM card / Multi SIM card

The usage of a Data Sharing SIM card, which can be inserted into the card reader during installation, is advantageous meaning one mobile phone contract can be used for both smartphone and Oyster Connect (up to 4 SIM cards on the same contract). In 2017, roaming charges were abolished in Europe, so there are generally no additional charges for using mobile phones in other European countries. UK providers have said that they will continue this after Brexit, but this cannot be guaranteed.

The concept of the Oyster Connect is that all transmitter and receiver units, including SIM card reader, are located in the outdoor unit, which is mounted on top of the vehicle roof. This is the optimal installation location, because this is the only way to ensure that no deterioration (= attenuation) of the signal from the vehicle body and thermal insulation glazing can occur.

This also enables the use of a data cable instead of a coaxial cable for loss-free data transmission from the outdoor unit into the to the indoor unit. Coaxial cables would entail attenuation losses. Depending on the quality and frequency of the cable, there is a signal loss of 0.5 dB – 1.5 dB per metre. With a 4 metre long coaxial cable you would have to accept a signal loss of approx. 50% – 75%.

Web interface http://oyster.connect

Via the password-protected web interface http: //oyster.connect, the system can be configured in a user-friendly way.

Settings of the Oyster® Connect – Outdoor Unit:

  • Selection and configuration of the WLAN hotspot
  • Supports 2.4 and 5 GHz WLAN networks
  • Setting the automatic or manual change to LTE network if WLAN is not available
  • Setting the LTE access data (APN)
  • Save or deactivate the SIM pin

Settings of the Oyster® Connect Indoor Unit:

  • Configuration of the private „home network“
  • Offers 2.4 and 5 GHz WLAN access points
  • System updates
  • Offers an RJ – 45 connection for a private wired LAN

The advantages at a glance

  • Installation of the transmitter and receiver unit on top of the vehicle roof prevents attenuation loss
  • Powerful WLAN antennas (2×2 MIMO) and LTE diversity Antennas
  • One-time and easy setup of the „mobile home network “Free choice of 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz in the WLAN network for both the indoor unit as well as the outdoor unit
  • Supports the European LTE bands B1/3/7/8/20/28/38/40/41
  • Private LAN network enables WLAN network relief and not every Smart TV is WLAN capable
  • Aerodynamic structure
  • Simple assembly and space-saving design
  • Weatherproof
  • Convenient operation
  • 3 year guarantee

Technical specifications:

Operating voltage:                                       12 / 24V DC (voltage range 9-32V DC)

Operating current consumption:               <1 A

Power consumption in operation:             10 W max

Standby power consumption:                     <0.1 W

Permissible maximum speed:                     180 km / h

Weight:                                                            Outdoor unit with mounting plate approx. 1500 g

Indoor unit approx.                                       250 g

Mounting material approx.                          230 g

Dimensions (W x H x D) :

Outdoor unit:                                                 40,5 x 12 x 29,2 cm

Indoor unit:                                                    17,5 x 3 x 10,6 cm

Scope of supply:

Oyster® Connect – Outdoor Unit

Oyster® Connect – Indoor Unit

Roof duct and data cable 4 m

Power connection cable Oyster® Connect -Indoor unit

Mounting plate

SIM card note:

A SIM card, which is not included in the scope of delivery, is required for LTE operation. The connection costs that arise here and internet parameters (download / upload, int. Roaming) depend on the respective network operator and have to be checked by the customer himself.

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