Oyster V 85cm Auto skew single LNB Satellite system



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Oyster V 85cm Auto skew single LNB Satellite system


The Oyster® V knows exactly where the satellites are positioned – at any time. Tedious full-range scans are no longer necessary. The system swiftly aims itself to the satellite. This technological edge is the result of three interacting components: GPS, 3D compass and inclination sensor. The GPS unit identifies the position, the 3D compass identifies the direction which your vehicle (and the antenna, accordingly) is oriented to, and the inclination sensor exactly determines the vehicle’s inclination, causing the antenna to make an adjustment. Especially the effect of the vehicle inclination is often underestimated. Even a few degrees may already affect reception significantly. Much more than the vehicle’s difference in elevation between a valley and a mountain top. GPS, 3D compass and inclination sensor


Convenience at the touch of a button…

… and the satellite antenna starts the fully automatic search, identifies after a few seconds the satellites and transmits the requested program. Wide reception range and brilliant image definition combined with fully digital satellite aiming ensure the reception of your favourite programes in remote locations such as the Canary Islands or Greece.

Tackling constant change

Unexpected changes in the technical characteristics of satellite signals can be quite annoying, especially when you are traveling across Europe, and all of a sudden everything goes bust. Often, an update is the last resort. Even though our engineers can create an update in a jiffy, it must still be loaded into your system.

Your Oyster® Vis updated online via your smartphone (or, alternatively, via a USB stick).

This is more than just another gadget or gimmick. The update is sent directly to your mobile device and can then be loaded onto to your system. For your Oyster® V, you can download a free app that not only allows you to update your satellite system but also offers many more valuable features. For example, we will notify you immediately whenever we detect a change in the satellite characteristics. You will learn the cause of the malfunction and will receive an update as soon as available. Via the app, your smartphone is connected to the controller of the Oyster® V . Technical problems can usually be diagnosed with the Oyster® app. These data can then be sent

to the customer service.

Solid as a rock!


The Oyster® V ‘s external unit weighs only about 11 kg. Despite the weight reduction, it is even more solid than its predecessors. Because stability makes the difference. Not only in terms of the proverbial “longevity of the Oyster® V“, but especially when it comes to flawless operation. Manufacturers trying to cut corners run the risk of producing an instable antenna system that is susceptible to wind.





Image interferences are then inevitable. The stability of the Oyster® V is the result of cleverly applied engineering skills and state-of-the-art, high-quality materials like the ones used in motor sports. The single-piece dish arm is made of ultra-light-weight magnesium. And yet, it is extremely rugged and torsionally rigid. The feed arm is made from glass-fibre-reinforced plastic, with carefully calculated internal webs providing ultimate torsional stiffness. In plain words: It won’t flex – ever. In addition, this meticulously crafted component provides the space needed for wiring, inclination sensor, compass and GPS sensory system. If fitted with the SKEW option, then this part is also integrated in the feed arm for protection against the elements.



SKEW: Automatic range extension

The SKEW unit comprises a tiny electric motor that automatically adjusts the LNB angle, thereby significantly increasing your Oyster® V’s reception range. This option is recommended for all those who frequently travel through south-western and south-eastern Europe. You’ll surely appreciate it. While other RV users need to climb on the roof,

the SKEW unit takes care of this job automatically. Snuggly integrated into the feed arm, it is safe from elements and damage.


(Available for Oyster® Vision, Oyster® HDTV and Oyster® Premium / not for Oyster® Internet)

This option provides 2 connections for the convenient operation of a second receiver, e.g. in the sleeper compartment. The TWIN-LNB allows two different programmes to be viewed using the Oyster® and a second receiver (second receiver not included in standard TWIN-LNB option).


(Available for Oyster® Vision,Oyster® HDTV and Oyster® Premium / not for Oyster® Internet)

The combination of TWIN LNB and Auto-SKEW offers maximum convenience and combines the full advantages of both systems

No need to re-ivent the wheel



In tens of thousands of Oyster® systems, the rotary head technology has proven its value. We have refined it for the Oyster® V, but the principle remains unchanged: Only the head rotates while the rest of the antenna body remains fixed. This means: Less weight to move, resulting in reduced energy consumption, less mechanical stress and a smaller space requirement. Also, the pivot point is elevated. So even when covered under a layer of snow, the Oyster® V can move freely.

innovative rotary head technology

Oyster® = quality

The combination of simple and solid technology with the latest electronics makes the difference. ten Haaft products contain no consumer-grade components susceptible to failure. We rely on tried-and-tested heavy-duty material. The high standards of the automotive industry are our benchmark. For resistance against vibration, mechanical shock and extreme temperatures, they prescribe extremely strict requirements. We exceed these regularly.

This is why you can take our 3-year manufacturer’s warranty for granted.

Oyster = Quality

3 years warranty and reliable service

Made in germany



Once your order has been placed we will contact you within 24hrs to confirm your order and a quick consultation. You will then be offered an installation date.

On the evening before your installation you will receive a courtesy call from your engineer who will advise you on a time of arrival.

On the day of installation you will be consulted on how and the whereabouts of the product and where it will be positioned.

A full demonstration will be shown and full paperwork (warranty card) will be completed before your engineer leaves your property.

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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