Truma Aventa compact



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Truma Aventa Compact


The Truma Aventa compact offers a range of benefits in its compact housing. It is light weight, quiet and powerful. This is thanks to the use of advanced materials and the constant development of previous Truma roof-mounted air conditioners.

Our development engineers were able to reduce the compressor noise to a minimum and this makes the Aventa compact the quietest roof-mounted air conditioner on the market.

The overall weight is saved by using expanded polypropylene for the housing which means the Aventa compact is also the lightest air conditioner in its class which makes it an outstanding 27.5 kg

Its space-saving design makes the Aventa compact particularly well suited for vans aswell as caravans and motorhomes. It can also fit on the roof alongside solar panels, satellite dishes or a roof box.

The Air distributor is small and designed to perfectly fit the Aventa compact. Like most Truma products, it offers a variety of individual adjustment options. You can adjust the openings to direct the cool air where you need it.

Thanks to the compact and flat design of the air distributor, free movement in the vehicle is hardly affected at all.

The roof-mounted air conditioner dries the circulated air while it is running. This helps create a pleasant interior climate, even with minor differences between inside and outside temperature.

Truma’s internal distributor for the compact is small in design and doesn’t offer the LED lighting as the Aventa comfort does but this can be over come by asking on purchase as long as you have the internal space for it to fit.

The Aventa compact air conditioner can also be controlled with the digital Truma CP plus control panel as well as the remote control.





It is easy to integrate into the iNet System and can be controlled via an app.





Cools faster than any other roof-mounted air conditioner

Convenient adjustment using remote control

Control air conditioner and ACC using the app (optional with Truma iNet Box)




Truma Aventa compact

Light and quiet air conditioner with 1700 watts of cooling power. Fits on almost any roof – even on vans.

Power supply 230 V
Power consumption, cooling 2.8 A
Power consumption, heating—
Start-up current 20 A (150 ms)
Cooling power 1700 W
Heating power—
Volumetric air flowmax. 370 m³/h
Deployment range+16 °C to +40 °C
Maximum incline during operation 8%
Weight (without installation material)approx. 27.5 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H)—
Outer dimensions (L x W x H)785 x 560 x 265 mm
Inner dimensions (L x W x H)556 x 496 x 46 mm (Air distributor small)
Roof cut-out (L x W):380 x 350 mm / 400 x 400 mm




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Operating instruction Remote Control Truma air conditioning systems (769.04 kB)

Installation Aventa compact / Aventa compact plus (8.58 MB)

Brochure Air conditioning systems for pleasant cooling (1.85 MB)

Operating instructions Aventa compact / Aventa compact plus (5.38 MB)