8 Things You Must Check On Your Caravan Before The Season Starts!

It’s been a busy start to the new year here at Auto Additions Nationwide.

Many of our clients are planning their Spring and Summer breaks and preparing their caravans and motorhomes for the upcoming season.

Now is the perfect time to check your caravan and ensure your ready for the new summer season.

  1. Winter can be harsh on your caravan window rubbers. Check if any of your caravan’s rubber window seals need to be replaced.
  2. Over Winter, we recommend you remove gas cylinders and place them in a cool, ventilated place. Check your gas levels before you travel!
  3. Keep the exterior bodywork clean using the appropriate cleaning products for the walls and plastic windows.
  4. Clean and inspect the caravan to tow car 13-pin electrical socket. Remember over winter, we recommend you coat the connections with a water inhibiting product such as Vaseline.
  5. During Winter, some clients will have removed all valuables such as TVs and radio units. Check your AV units are all in good working order a few days or weeks before travel.
  6. Following Winter storage, spread out and clean your awning in a dry area. Try removing stains and spots with the appropriate cleaning product. Ensure there are no tears and all zips are operating a few weeks before travel. This allows you time to effect any repairs prior to travel.
  7. Check your 12V battery, and top up the charge levels if necessary.
  8. Check the batteries in any battery-operated clocks and smoke detectors.

And, if you are thinking of installing any new gadgets on your caravan before the season, ensure you allow enough time for installation.

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