Gaslow Refillable Gas Cylinders 6Kg Kit



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Gaslow Refillable Gas Cylinders 6Kg Kit





Gaslow Multivalve self-refillable gas cylinders are easy to use and will save you money every time you fill with LPG, making them a convenient alternative to the standard rental gas bottles you would normally exchange at a garage forecourt or camping store. For example, Calor Gas, Flo Gas or Shell Gas cylinders.

Gaslow self-refillable LPG gas cylinders are designed to be user refilled at a garage forecourt that sells Autogas of which there are many Autogas / LPG stations throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.

Autogas or LPG sold at a garage forecourt, service station or a gas bottle dealer is a very cheap way to purchase LPG, which is normally less than 50% of the cost of a rental gas bottle refill. You don’t have to carry the Gaslow cylinder or cylinders as they are fitted into your gas locker connected to a fill point. Unlike a rental gas bottle which you have to disconnect, carry to the store usually leaving some unused gas in the cylinder and then carry back to the vehicle and reconnect.

To add more convenience with a Gaslow system, you can also top up your Gaslow Multivalve self-refillable gas cylinders whenever and wherever you wish and do not need to wait until they are empty thanks to the built in 80% safety cut off valve.

To save some confusion LPG and Autogas are the same gas, it is just how a service station or filling plant choose to describe the product.

An important factor to take into account is that you can refill a Gaslow Multivalve self-refillable gas cylinder or cylinders in any country that dispenses LPG or Autogas, simply use the correct fill adapter for the country you are visiting and fill the same way you would as if you are in the UK.

With a rental gas cylinder, you would not be able to exchange your cylinder in an overseas country, if anything you would have to purchase a cylinder if you ran out of gas in the country you are currently in, meaning a lot of swapping about of gas cylinders also the unwanted expense.

Gaslow Multivalve self-refillable gas cylinders have functionality as standard that only the market leading Rotarex Multivalve gives. Automatic 80% overfill protection when filling, mechanically accurate contents gauge, excess flow in case of hose rupture for safety, and very important is the built-in sintered bronze filter stopping unwanted contamination entering your gas system! All this as standard which you will not find on other standard TPED refillable gas cylinders!

Gaslow one of the most popular suppliers of refillable LPG gas cylinders to the motorhome dealers in the UK and Europe.

To fill a Gaslow cylinder or cylinders you simply drive up to an LPG or Autogas pump, connect the pump filler hose to the Gaslow filler point on your vehicle, dispense the gas until the cylinders are 80% full which is when the pump will stop thanks to the automatic 80% cut off valve, then pay for what you have used, simple as that…

You are running low of gas and want to fill up with LPG, but you are not sure where my nearest LPG station to fill at is!  So, we have a page on our website which gives you links to websites that inform you of local gas cylinder refill stations, of which you have the likes of Morrisons that sell LPG who are normally easy to find. You can also search the internet if you have access, for LPG service stations near me, Autogas locations or lpg near me.

Many motorhomes have space for two 11kg cylinders especially European built vehicles, however we have a solution for all vehicles thanks to the three sizes of cylinders that we offer 2.7Kg, 6kg and 11kg cylinder sizes. This gives you the option of single refillable gas cylinder or twin refillable gas cylinder systems for all types of vehicles.

The two hose connections that you will see on the Gaslow multivalve cylinder are an industry standard, this means you can add a Gaslow cylinder to an existing installation of a Gas-it, Prakto or Alu-gas cylinder.

The LPG filler inlet connection is an ¾” SAE tapered male seat fitting which requires no sealant. The outlet of the cylinder is a 21.8LH which is normally referred to as a Butane fitting, same fitting as you would see on a 4.5kg Butane exchange cylinder, this is the hose fitting that you would connect your high-pressure regulator hose and then onto your regulator or changeover valve.  If you have a standard regulator hose with a POL end which is used on Propane exchange cylinders, you can add an adapter to convert to 21.8LH or just replace the hose.

Remember if you are changing or adding to your installation and this involves removing or adding hoses or cylinders, please ensure that you check the system over with LDF fluid (Leak detection fluid) to check that you have a sealed, gas tight free installation. Preferably have the system checked by a qualified gas engineer for your piece of mind.

You may currently be using rental cylinders like Calor or Flogas in your vehicle but want to upgrade to a Gaslow refillable LPG cylinder as well. This is a simple process where you have a single rental cylinder and a single Gaslow Cylinder system running side by side within the gas locker, both connected to the regulator via a changeover valve, so you can switch between cylinders should you run out of gas.

The Gaslow cylinder would have a filler connection to allow the cylinder to be filled but remember this will only fill the Gaslow refillable cylinder and NOT the Calor, Flogas or Shell gas bottle.

Gaslow refillable LPG cylinders are used in the Motorhome, Caravan and Farrier industries along with catering vans and road repair specialists. Having supplied these industries for many years we have solutions to meet most needs and if not, we can make bespoke gas systems.

We listen to our customers and ensure that all our products meet the exacting standards that they require ensuring a system that will last for years and provide many trouble-free hours of use.

Capacity: 11.6 litres

Dimensions: 456mm High x 246mm Diameter

Fill capacity at 80%:

Material: Steel

Weight: 8.30kg

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