Fullstop Torpedo Caravan Leg lock by Purpleline






Fullstop Torpedo Caravan Leg lock


The FullStop Torpedo Caravan Leg Locks are used as a simple way of creating an extra layer of security when pitching a caravan. It is fit for any type of caravan steadies and secures them with integrated high security 10-level barrel lock, exclusive to FullStop.
The Leg Lock immobilises the caravan by locking the corners in a downwards position.
The locks can be fitted and locked while the corner steadies whilst they are in the up position.

Add extra security to your caravan with a Torpedo Caravan Leg Lock. This simple to use lock fits over the winding points of your corner steady legs, securely locking them in to place. When used in the down position this locks the corner steadies to the floor, immobilising your caravan. Torpedo caravan leg locks are high visibility to attract attention and act as an additional deterrent to potential thieves.

The Torpedo was designed in Purple Line’s UK innovation centre. This robust, strong leg lock is constructed using heavy-duty composite metals that have been specially chosen to be resistant to cutting, drilling and gas freezing.

Torpedo… Easy fitting caravan leg lock

Perfect for quick stops ie service stations and long stays like storage.

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